Four Key Traits Of A Power Connector

In starting some reciprocity rings, I had to reevaluate my behaviors and current network. After two weeks of intense self-reflection, reading and conversations with friends, I settled on four areas of importance when it comes to power networking and reciprocity rings.

If you want to be included in one of these reciprocity rings, our Meetup group or my power circles, here are some key questions and challenges to consider.

Assess connections

  • Some one I specifically wish to meet

  • Introduction from power circle members

  • Stranger who has connection to someone in my power circles

  • Stranger who has connection to someone I know who is not in power circle

  • Someone who approaches me

  • Someone who approaches me in professional setting

  • Serendipitous contact

The 5+50+100 Power Network

You may try to stay in touch with hundreds of clients, customers, and prospects—but can you really say that you have strong relationships with them?

Research and my experience shows that the maximum number of relationships we can maintain at one time is around 150.

  • Your 5 closest relationships

  • The 50 people most important to your current life and business

  • No more than 100 individuals who are key to your long-term goals.

Build your own 5+50+100 network

  • Seek out the right people in the right ecosystems.

  • Connect in the right way. The best way to build strong connection is to be authentically yourself and authentically interested in others.

  • Assess the value of a connection and reconnect immediately assess your connections to see if they are a good fit for your 5+50+100 circles based on (a) whether their values match yours and (b) can you both provide mutual meaningful value, now and/or in the future.

  • Continue to build value and triangulate for greater success

  • sharing relevant information, a key introduction, a piece of strategy, a referral, mentor, or other support.

  • Do the little things that others don’t

  • Give first give twice before you ask

Success Habits of A Power Connector

  • Authentic

  • Trustworthy

  • Respectful

  • Caring

  • Listening

  • Engaged

  • Patient

  • Intellgent

  • Sociable

  • Connected

  • Connects with others

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