Welcome to Jon Roussel Networking

I think I have been to over 2,000 networking events in the twenty five years since I decided to become an entrepreneur. I have met thousands of people, given and received many referrals, lived in four different cities and accomplished much.

Networking seems hard. It does not need to be if we know how to overcome these challenges.

I am the co-host for the North Texas Happy Neighborhood Project and work with the largest online wellness shopping club in North America.

I am a connector and active in chambers of commerce, meetups, Lions clubs, a Buddhist Sangha, First Unitarian Church of Dallas and more.

As the co-host for the North Texas Happy Neighborhood Project, I am helping hundreds of happy networkers find referral partners, attract more customers and enjoy success.

I am enhancing the lives of those I touch by helping people reach their goals.

Happy Neighborhood Project helps you find Happy Businesses in your neighborhood without reading reviews. Your local Happy Businesses have taken two pledges:

To provide great customer service to you

To promote a positive work environment.

Most of us have a vague idea about what a happy business is—we know we’d rather go there than to an unhappy one, but this new company known as the Happy Neighborhood Project (HNP) is the first to define it: “It’s a business that is committed to great customer service and encourages a positive work environment,” says Edwin Edebiri, HNP’s Chief Happiness Officer and founder.